Knowledge required: specific phrases or vocabulary from the topic being taught.


Equipment required: blockbusters grid, answer sheet for teacher, if using OHP two sets of different shaped objects to cover hexagons, e.g. dice, round board magnets.


Useful as: starter (if recapping from previous lesson), reinforcement of expressions just taught, plenary.


Medium: OHP, Powerpoint, IWB


How to play the game:

Divide your class into two teams.   One team need to connect the top of the grid to the bottom.   The other team need to connect the left-hand side of the grid with the right.   The hexagons contain the initial letters of the TL phrase.   Teams take it in turn to select a hexagon, the teacher gives the English for that hexagon, and a member of team translates the phrase into the TL.   The winning team is the first to complete the connection.


Possible lesson sequence:

Complete mix and match sheet with your 16, 20 or 25 phrases.

Get the students to play blockbusters with the sheet in front of them, i.e. provide them with support.

Play another game with sheets face down, i.e. testing their memory.

Using only the blockbusters grid for support, ask students to write down as many of the 16 or 25 phrases as they can remember.



Don’t give them the English for the phrase; accept any answers appropriate to the topic using the series of letters.

In some languages, you may be able to use the same grid for different parts of the verb or different tenses, e.g. JAF = juego al fútbol, jugamos al fútbol, jugué al fútbol, etc.

“Unfair” blockbusters – use a grid where it is easier/more difficult to connect one side to the other.   G&T students could form the team who have the more difficult task! 


Attachments: 16 hexagons (Word), 16 hexagons (Powerpoint), 20 hexagons - unfair grid (Powerpoint), 25 hexagons (Word), 25 hexagons (Powerpoint)