Connect Four

Knowledge required: Specific phrases or vocabulary from the topic being taught.


Useful as: Starter (if recapping from previous lesson), reinforcement of expressions just taught, plenary.


Medium: Powerpoint, IWB


How to play the game:

Divide your class into two teams.   Ask the team or an individual a question.   When they answer correctly, they choose a column.   The 'counter' always 'falls' to the bottom of the column chosen.   The game is won once a team has four 'counters' in a row.   Click on the appropriate 'counter' to change the colour to red or yellow.



The game can be played where teams have to give a 'grid reference'.   In the attached example, students have to choose a free time activity and an appropriate time.   Remember the 'counter' has to the fall to the bottom!


Attachments: Connect Four with numbered columns (Powerpoint); Connect Four with pictures (Powerpoint)