Continuous tenses                Practice exercises

Continuous tenses are formed using the appropriate part of verb estar plus the gerund/present participle.

These tenses are used where the ongoing nature of the action is being emphasised.


Present continuous      
estoy hablando I am speaking estoy comiendo I am eating
estás hablando you are speaking estás comiendo you are eating
está hablando he/she/it is speaking está comiendo he/she/it is eating
estamos hablando we are speaking estamos comiendo we are eating
estáis hablando you (all) are speaking estáis comiendo you (all) are eating
están hablando they are speaking están comiendo they are eating
Imperfect continuous    
estaba hablando I was speaking estaba comiendo I was eating
estabas hablando you were speaking estabas comiendo you were eating
estaba hablando he/she/it was speaking estaba comiendo he/she/it was eating
estábamos hablando we were speaking estábamos comiendo we were eating
estabais hablando you (all) were speaking estabais comiendo you (all) were eating
estaban hablando they were speaking estaban comiendo they were eating