Knowledge required: Specific vocabulary from the topic being taught.


Equipment required: Pictures?


Useful as: Drilling activity


Medium: Whiteboard, OHP, Powerpoint, IWB


How to play the game:

This game is traditionally played to drill the numbers 1 to 11.   All students stand up.   They must say the numbers in the correct order.   Each participant may choose to say one, two or three numbers.   However, whoever ends up saying ELEVEN sits down and is out of the game.

e.g. Person A: uno, dos; Person B: tres; Person C: cuatro, cinco, seis; Person D: siete, ocho, nueve; Person E: diez; Person F: once.    Person F is now out of the game!

The last person left standing is the winner.



Students can be made to sit down if they aren't listening carefully and aren't sure which number has been said previously.   Also if they hesitate.

The game can also be played with a series of pictures (where the last picture takes the place of ELEVEN)