La fecha

  1. One to 31 - Match the numbers to the Spanish.  Ten numbers load each time.  (Hot Potatoes)
  2. One to 31 - Put the numbers in numerical order.  (Hot Potatoes)
  3. Months - Match the Spanish to the English translation.  (Spellmaster)
  4. Months - Spell the months at various speeds.  (Spellmaster)
  5. Months - Pairs game.  (Linguascope)
  6. Months - Wordsearch.  (Linguascope)
  7. Months - Word Attack.  Type in the English translations.  (Linguascope)
  8. Months - Spell the words by clicking on the tiles.  (Linguascope)
  9. Dates - Use the drop down menus to create some dates.  (Hot Potatoes)
  10. Dates - Wordshoot arcade game.  (Classtools)
  11. Dates - "Grade or no grade" activity.   Careful - this game contains incorrect language!  (Content Generator)
  12. Dates - Multiple sound match activities.  (Task Magic)
  13. Important dates - Match the dates to the days in the Spanish calendar.  (Hot Potatoes)
  14. Important dates - Listen to the date and match it to the day.  Multiple activities.  (Task Magic)
  15. Spanish festivals - "Penalty Shootout" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)
  16. Spanish festivals - "En Garde" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)