Gustar            Practice exercises

me gusta(n) - I like

te gusta(n) - you like

le gusta(n) - he/she/it likes

nos gusta(n) - we like

os gusta(n) - all of you like

les gusta(n) - they like


If you translate 'me gusta' literally, it means 'it pleases to me'.   Unlike most verbs, this means you have to change the pronoun to talk about what other people like, e.g 'nos gusta' 'it pleases to us'.   It also means that if the thing you like is plural, you have to change the verb to 'they please to me', i.e. 'me gustan'


Use gusta with singular nouns or infintives, e.g.

me gusta la informática - I like ICT

nos gusta jugar al baloncesto - We like to play basketball

Use gustan with plural nouns, e.g.

les gustan los perros - They like dogs


Other verbs which work in the same way:

me encanta(n) - I love

me chifla(n) - I'm mad about

me da(n) igual - I don't mind

me interesa(n) - I'm interested in

me duele(n) - my... hurts

me hace(n) falta - I need