Immediate future                                                            Practice exercises

Formation: present of 'ir' + a + infinitive

voy a hablar I am going to speak
vas a vivir you (familiar) are going to live
va a comer he/she/it is going to eat; you (polite) are going to eat
vamos a comprar we are going to buy
vais a escribir all of you (familiar) are going to write
van a aprender they are going to learn; all of you (polite) are going to learn


Pronouns get attached to the end of infinitives.   Therefore, note how pronominal verbs work:

voy a relajarme I am going to relax
vas a acostarte? Are you (familiar) going to go to bed?
va a ducharse he/she/it is going to have a shower; you (polite) are going to have a shower
vamos a levantarnos we are going to get up
vais a vestiros all of you (familiar) are going to get dressed
van a lavarse they are going to wash themselves; all of you (polite) are going to wash yourselves