Imperfect tense            Practice exercises

The imperfect is a past tense which:

It is formed by taking the infinitive of the verb, removing the -ar,-er or -ir and then adding the following endings:

Example of AR verb   Example of ER/IR verb  
hablaba I was speaking bebía I was drinking
hablabas you were speaking bebías you were drinking
hablaba he/she/it was speaking bebía he/she/it was drinking
hablábamos we were speaking bebíamos we were drinking
hablabais you (all) were speaking bebíais you (all) were drinking
hablaban they were speaking bebían they were drinking

There are three verbs which are irregular in the imperfect:

ir - to go ser - to be ver - to see
iba era veía
ibas eras veías
iba era veía
íbamos éramos veíamos
ibais erais veíais
iban eran veían