Games and light-hearted activities

Compiled in conjunction with my colleague, Yvonne Gorrod (   Thanks also to the many teachers who have shared their ideas with us over the years!

A B C D Continuous words Million dollar drop Snakes and ladders
A to Z Cumulative hangman Mime Snooker
Accents Dice Mind reading Soft ball questioning
Against the computer Dictionary races Mobile spellings Space invaders
Anagrams Dominoes Mock the week Speed across the screen
Auction Eleven Noughts and crosses Speed translator
Back writing Envelope game Odd one out Splat the teacher
Battleships Families of Four Silhouettes Stars
Beat the teacher Family Fortunes Pairs Stupid!
Bingo Famous person Pass the bomb Team translations
Blockbusters Fastest finger first Pelmanism Through the keyhole
Bluff it! Friendly vocabulary tests Pictionary Tippex sentences
Blur Gap fill Picture stories Tongue twisters
Buzz Generation Game Poker test Trapdoor conversations
Call my bluff Hot seating Post it notes Unjumble sentences
Caption How many words? Repetition variations Walking dictation
Cascading categories Jeopardy Repetition detective What's missing?
Chain game Memory dictation Scrabble Wipeout
Chain dictation Millionaire Sentence auction Words & actions
Consequences Letters game Simon says... Word swat
Connect four Mastermind Snakes and ladders Word tennis