Negatives                                                                            Practice exercises

Simple negation

Place 'no' before the verb (or object pronoun),

e.g. No tengo animales en casa - I don't have any pets at home; No los compré - I didn't buy them


Other common negative expressions

These expressions can either go before the verb or in a 'negative sandwich' (no + verb + negative)




No hice nada

I did nothing


nobody, no one

Nadie la ha visto

No one has seen her



Nunca he estado en España

I've never been to Spain

jamás (stronger than nunca)


Jamás iré a Madrid en agosto otra vez

I'll never go to Madrid in August again

ningún, ninguna

no, not any, none

No hay ninguna solución

There is no solution

ni... ni...

neither... nor...

No tengo ni boli ni lápiz

I have neither a biro nor a pencil

ni siquiera

not even

Ni siquiera me miró

She didn't even look at me


not either, neither

No me gusta tampoco

It don't like it either

ya no

no longer

Ya no trabaja aquí

He no longer works here



Sino is used to translate but where there is negative in the first half the sentence, i.e. sino introduces a contradiction,

e.g. No es alto sino bajo - He is not tall but short.

Note also the expression no sólo... sino también - not only... but also

e.g.   No sólo me gusta el fútbol sino también el rugby - Not only do I like football but also rugby.