Past participles                        Practice exercises

The past participle is formed in the case of AR verbs by replacing the -ar of the infinitive with -ado.   With ER and IR verbs, the -er and -ir are replaced with -ido.

hablar to speak > hablado spoken
beber to drink > bebido drunk
recibir to receive > recibido received


Some common irregular past participles      
abrir to open > abierto opened
cubrir to cover > cubierto covered
decir to say, to tell > dicho said
descubrir to discover > descubierto discovered
devolver to give back > devuelto given back
escribir to write > escrito written
freír to fry > frito fried
hacer to do, to make > hecho done, made
morir to die > muerto died
poner to put > puesto put
resolver to resolve > resuelto resolved
romper to break > roto broken
ver to see > visto seen
volver to return > vuelto returned