Pronominal verbs                        Practice exercises

Pronominal verbs are those verbs which are accompanied by pronoun.   The pronoun corresponds to the appropriate part of the verb.

levantarse - to get up

me levanto - I get up

te levantas - you get up

se levanta - he/she/it gets up; you [polite] get up

nos levantamos - we get up

os levantáis - you (all) get up

se levantan - they get up; you (all) [polite] get up


irse - to go away

me voy - I go away

te vas - you go away

se va - he/she/it goes away; you [polite] go away

nos vamos - we go away

os vais - you (all) go away

se van - they go away; you (all) [polite] go away


acostarse (o>ue) - to go to bed

me acuesto - I go to bed

te acuestas - you go to bed

se acuesta - he/she/it goes to bed; you [polite] go to bed

nos acostamos - we go to bed

os acostáis - you (all) go to bed

se acuestan - they go to bed; you (all)[polite] go to bed