La ropa

  1. School uniform clothes - Matching activity.  (Activiscope)
  2. School uniform clothes - Which picture is missing?   (Activiscope)
  3. School uniform clothes - Pairs game against the clock.   (Activiscope)
  4. School uniform clothes - "Blur bonanza".   (Activiscope)
  5. School uniform clothes - Listen and match the English translations to the Spanish words.  (Spellmaster)
  6. School uniform clothes - Pairs game, match the sounds to the English translation.  (Spellmaster)
  7. School uniform clothes - Listen and spell the Spanish words at various speeds.  (Spellmaster)
  8. School uniform clothes - Pairs game.  (Linguascope)
  9. School uniform clothes - Noughts and Crosses.  (Linguascope)
  10. School uniform clothes - Wordsearch.  (Linguascope)
  11. School uniform clothes - Tap the tiles to spell out the words.  (Linguascope)
  12. School uniform clothes - Word attack.   Type in the English translations.  (Linguascope)
  13. A few extra clothes - Multiple word match activities.  (Task Magic)
  14. More clothes - Matching activity.  (Activiscope)
  15. More clothes - Which picture is missing?  (Activiscope)
  16. More clothes - Multiple choice activity.  (Activiscope)
  17. More clothes - Match the Spanish to the English translation.   Two versions - one against the clock.  (Hot Potatoes)
  18. More clothes - Multiple sound word match activities.  (Task Magic)
  19. Even more clothes - Matching activity.  (Activiscope)
  20. Even more clothes - Picture belt game.  (Activiscope)
  21. Even more clothes - "Blur bonanza".  (Activiscope)
  22. Clothes and adjectives - "Hoopshoot" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)
  23. Clothes, adjectives and materials - "Penalty shootout" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)
  24. Clothes shopping - "Phrase cloud" activity.  (Activiscope)
  25. Clothes shopping - Reassemble the text messages on the mobile.  (Activiscope)
  26. Clothes shopping - Rearrange the sentences to form a conversation.  (Activiscope)
  27. Clothes - Choose the sentence with the correct direct object pronoun in the correct position.   (Hot Potatoes)