Rutina diaria

  1. Morning routine - Match the Spanish to the English.   Two activities - one against the clock.  (Hot Potatoes)
  2. Morning routine - Multiple word match games.  (Task Magic)
  3. Morning routine - Listen and match the Spanish to the English.  (Spellmaster)
  4. Morning routine - Pairs game for two players: listen and match.   (Spellmaster)
  5. Morning routine - Wordshoot arcade game.  (Classtools)
  6. Afternoon routine - Match the Spanish to the English.   Two activities - one against the clock.  (Hot Potatoes)
  7. Afternoon routine - Wordsearch. (Linguascope)
  8. Afternoon routine - Spell the words by clicking on the tiles.  (Linguascope)
  9. Afternoon routine - Drag the syllables to spell the verbs.  (Activiscope)
  10. Daily routine - Word points.  (Activiscope)
  11. Daily routine - Snap.  (Activiscope)
  12. Daily routine - Anagrams.  (Activiscope)
  13. Daily routine - Multiple picture sound match games.  (Task Magic)
  14. Daily routine - "Penalty shootout" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)
  15. Daily routine - Crossword.  (Hot Potatoes)
  16. Daily routine - "Phrase cloud" activity.  (Activiscope)
  17. Daily routine - Read the letter and answers the multiple choice questions.  (Hot Potatoes)
  18. Regular AR pronominal verbs connected with daily routine.   5 activities.  (Hot Potatoes)
  19. Household chores - Match the expressions.  (Hot Potatoes)
  20. Household chores - Multiple picture match activities.  (Task Magic)
  21. Household chores - Wheel of Fortune.  (Activiscope)
  22. Household chores - "Phrase cloud" activity.  (Activiscope)
  23. Household chores - "Snake and Ladders" quiz.  (Linguascope)
  24. Household chores - "Car race" quiz.  (Linguascope)
  25. Household chores - Crossword.  (Hot Potatoes)
  26. Household chores & time - "En Garde" multiple choice activity.  (Content Generator)
  27. Household chores - Match the expressions.   Different expressions load each time.  (Hot Potatoes)
  28. Household chores - Listen and match the English translations to the Spanish words.  (Spellmaster)
  29. Household chores - Pairs game, match the sounds to the English translation.  (Spellmaster)
  30. Household chores - Listen and spell the Spanish words at various speeds.  (Spellmaster)
  31. Household chores - "Teacher Invaders" spelling test.  (Content Generator)
  32. Household chores - "Grade or no grade" multiple choice activity using all 6 parts of present.  (Content Generator)