El tiempo

  1. Weather expressions - Match the Spanish to the English translations.   Different expressions load each time.   Two versions - one against the clock.  (Hot Potatoes)
  2. Weather expressions - Multiple word match activities.  (Task Magic)
  3. Weather expressions A - Matching activity.  (Activiscope)
  4. Weather expressions A - Noughts and Crosses.  (Activiscope)
  5. Weather expressions A - Which picture is missing?  (Activiscope)
  6. Weather expressions B - Matching activity.  (Activiscope)
  7. Weather expressions B - Pairs game against the clock.  (Activiscope)
  8. Weather expressions B - "Blur bonanza".   (Activiscope)
  9. Weather expressions - Multiple picture listening activities.  (Task Magic)
  10. Weather and sports - "Penguin crossing" multiple choice activity.  (Activiscope)
  11. Weather and sports - "Snake and Ladders".  (Activiscope)
  12. Weather and sports - "Phrase cloud" activity.  (Activiscope)
  13. Weather and free time - Reassemble the text messages on the mobile.  (Activiscope)
  14. Weather and free time - Unjumble the mosaic to form a phrase.  (Activiscope)
  15. Weather, seasons, locations - Listen and choose the correct answer from the four possibilities.  (Hot Potatoes)
  16. Weather, seasons, locations - Listen and fill in the missing words.  (Hot Potatoes)